Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Current Events

Over the weekend, the Husbatron and I spent several hours outside doing yardwork. In honor of the occasion, I diligently slathered myself in bug spray. Twice. The mosquitoes diligently avoided all skin that came into contact with the bug spray. Instead, they flew up my shorts and bit me on the butt. Five times. True story. I guess I'll be wearing old jeans for all future yardwork, even though it will probably be 90+ for the next month or so. I always scoffed at those treatments, where someone comes out to spray hardcore bug repellent on your lawn that supposedly lasts for weeks. As I sit here squirming in my seat, those treatments don't seem quite so silly.

In happy news, I signed up for the Color Wheel Charm Swap, hosted by Kati. The first round filled up in a matter of hours, but keep an eye out on her blog. She's planning to coordinate a few other swaps after this one.

Color Wheel button2

It's my first charm swap. Can you believe it? As much as I love charm packs, I've never swapped to get one before. Even though I supposedly don't like orange, I requested it as my first choice to please my subconscious, I guess. Kati assigned me orange and orange-yellow. I've actually had a lot of fun poking around online for orange prints.

Here are the fabrics I'm planning to submit:

colorswap orange

from Chrysalis by Sanae for Moda (for my orange print)

colorswap orange-yellow

from Modern Workshop by Oliver + S for Moda (for my orange-yellow print)

I'm ordering from a new shop - Stitch 'n' Frame in Vicksburg, MS. I mainly picked them because they were the first shop I found via to have both the prints I had chosen. But I was also pleased to see that they're en route to the parents' house. Nothing like a little fabric shopping to break up a 16-hour car trip, right dear?

I've also been trying to make some headway on another charity project. The day after I mailed out my H2H quilts to Judi, one of the local guilds had a workday for Quilts of Valor. The space where we met was absolutely gorgeous with lots of natural light, and there was plenty of food and fabric to go around. I only brought my cutting mat, rotary cutter, and rulers because the idea of lugging my sewing machine around in the 100-degree heat was less than appealing. At first, I was worried that I wouldn't have anything to do, because everyone else brought all their cutting supplies AND their machines. But once I let it be known that I was willing to cut fabric for folks and press seams, etc, I stayed pretty busy.

I went to work on the scrap bins and cut out fabric to make some scrappy Just One Star blocks. The fabric from all the sawtooth stars came from the QOV scrap bins, and I'm pulling some cream background fabrics from my stash, along with some red and blue prints for the sashing triangles.

scrappy just one star blocks in progress

On a side note, I'm thinking this pattern would be a perfect way to use up a layer cake of Cotton Blossoms I've been hoarding saving


or maybe a fat eighth bundle of Breakfast at Tiffany's.

(Image swiped from here:

I'll file away that idea for a rainy day.

If you're here for the food, here's what we've been eating this week:

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  1. Sorry about the bug bites, Megan! Sounds like a good reason to avoid yard work.... Your current events look great, can't wait to see what you end up with!!