Thursday, August 11, 2011

Every Last Bit

I don't know what it is, but I rarely throw away fabric. Sure, I'll get rid of it and donate some to The Scrap Exchange or to the guild to sell off for their annual auction. But you will rarely findfabric in my trash can unless it's smaller than a 1/2" square.

If the leftover bits are "incidental" random trimmings not associated with a larger project, I usually just toss them in my crumbs bin to make some crumb blocks (See Bonnie Hunter's crumb tutorial here),

distraction #4

or I'll trim them to fit in one of my scrap bins.

If they're part of a larger project, where I have lots of little bits that are all roughly the same size, then I'll bag up all the trimmings from the project and store them together. After following this routine for a few years without making something from these trimmings, I'm gathering quite the stash of little bits.

distraction #3

For some reason, all these leftovers have started to weigh on my mind over the past year. It's probably because I'm running out of room for them on the bottom shelf of my fabric bookcase.

Not that I really need a new project, but here are some inspiration mosaics for what I could possibly make with all these bits...

Bonus Triangles
bonus triangles mosaic

1. Dime Quilt- completed!, 2. An afternoon with bonus triangles, 3. Purl Soho Quilt, 4. pams geese block - oct australasian bee :), 5. flying geese in blue and red accents, 6. More Triangles Quilt, Georgetown, KY, 7. Save 'em, Wash 'em, Clean 'em, Squash 'em: The Mini Quilt, 8. Imogen's Quilt, 9. ZigZag Quilt

Selvedge/String Quilts

selvedge and string mosaic

1. Selvedge table runner, 2. Selvage Star - b, 3. Bookshelf, 4. DSC_0670, 5. Basting, 6. Selvage Mummy Progress, 7. Selvage Quilt Progress, 8. selvage quilt sneak peek, 9. Molly's Quilt, 10. Strings Quilt Back, 11. scrappy x is progressing like a champ!, 12. triangle strip quilt

Crumb Quilts

crumb mosaic

1. DSCN2121, 2. Morsel Mosaic Quilt top, 3. brown crumbs, 4. crumb quilt 2, 5. green crumb quilt, 6. Quilting detail, improvised wallhanging, 7. Stroke of midnight, 8. The Confetti Quilt, 9. Confetti Quilt for Anni

What about you? Do you save every last bit for a rainy day? If so, are your bits organized by color, collection, etc? Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. I do tend to save the scraps from one project together - because I know they go together well, and if I need a quick gift, I can pull those scraps and put together a pillow or something similar and not have to spend time re-inventing the wheel! I have a very hard time throwing away fabric myself - seems like all of it should be used, especially at the price of fabric these days!

  2. I generally save bigger pieces and let the tinies go into the waste can, but currently I am working on a challenge quilt and using every last tiny tidbit of the provided fabric. Tiny bits are a pain, but since I am unsung a fusible technique they are working out well- if still tedious.

  3. Maybe it's a librarian thing, but I generally save just about everything, too. I have a bag of selvedges, a couple bags of strings, and even a small bin of little schnibbles and crumbs, which will likely be used for the ends of spiderweb and string blocks. I love scrap quilts, so for me, the scraps are the best part of the quilting process!

  4. I need to get more organized because I'm starting to regret saving everything. It's getting very unwieldy but your stack of baggies is awe inspiring.

  5. I am saving my scraps for a rainbow quilt like this one: so I've been saving them more by color than project or size.

  6. We're supposed to 'use' our scraps from quilts? wonder I have so many sitting in the basement ; ) Maybe I'll use them one of these days, for now, I just store them and occasionally look at them while I'm trying to find something else down there.