Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 18 of 31 Days of Un-Collections: Cookie Tones

Is anyone else already looking forward to holiday baking?

Accompanying Pattern: For some reason, these colors just scream Irish Chain quilt to me. I'd start with Allison's pattern for a Modern Chain quilt


  1. Not so much holiday baking as holiday eating! Pretty color combination today!!

  2. I love the palette, but somehow, that particular maroon isn't working for me in the mix. Maybe because the other fabrics (at least, to me) scream modern and the particular maroon print comes off as a bit more traditional? (NOT looking to get into that debate, just expressing an opinion. :P) I'd probably use the dark red Hugs & Kisses from Loulouthi, or ooh, Laura Gunn's Painter's Canvas in maroon--that could be awesome!

    Sorry for the hijack!

  3. Me! Not that mine ever looks like that.