Thursday, November 3, 2011

Split Personalities

I'm still working on the Husbatron's NC State quilt. I feel like this is the 125th time I've said that on this blog. But it's true. I'm still working on it. The quilt ended up a whee bit bigger than I anticipated, and the quilting designs I chose are taking a whee bit longer than I anticipated. Oh well, anticipation just sweetens the final product, right?

The few designs that I chose for the quilt are pretty modern - square stippling


and bubbles.


So I think the traditional part of my quilting personality is a bit repressed at this point and kind of bursting at its seams. Exhibit A: My To Do list from work the other day...


I got put on hold a LOT that day, hence all the doodling. Notice the M+Ms. I'd like to take this moment to inform you that we had 4 bags of candy and NO trick or treaters on Monday night. My chocolate stash runneth over for now.

My gut reaction was to start a new quilt with some of my Fig Tree fabrics, since I think they lend themselves well to traditional feather quilting motifs. But odds are, I already have a quilt top that lends itself equally well to my current feather fixation.

Maybe this one?

Disappearing Nine-Patch

A Disappearing 9-Patch from some Peace on Earth charm packs by 3 Sisters.  Just in time for Christmas?


  1. The Husbatron's quilt is looking great - wonderful quilting! But I agree that your Christmas quilt would look great with those lovely feathers! And you'd have a beautiful quilt just in time for the holidays!

  2. Halloween candy makes great stocking stuffers.

  3. The quilting looks great! Im with you bags of candy and only 4 trick or treaters!