Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WiP Wednesday - Everyday I'm Bubblin'

The theme of my life the past few days has been machine quilting.

Last Wednesday night, when I should have been rolling out pie crust for Thanksgiving, I made the blocks for a Christmas tree skirt instead. By Friday, I had the top put together. So I gathered all my backing and basting supplies over the weekend, and then I hunkered down this week to baste and quilt it.

Tree skirt in progress

I thought about doing something flashy but then reminded myself that this quilt is going on the floor, underneath a tree with poor lighting, and it will soon be covered up by pine needles gifts. Flashy machine quilting would kind of be a bit of a waste on this project. So I opted for simple stippling instead.

Now all that's left is the binding, which might actually be the trickiest part, with all those odd angles and the round center (that I still need to cut).

A few weeks ago, I pulled out my half-square triangle quilt top I started quilting last month. I decided to fill in all the white space with bubble/pebble quilting. I knew full well that it takes forever to bubble quilt, but I'm tackling it in one or two 15-20 minutes sessions a day, and I'm slowly working my way through all the white space. Once I get into a groove, it's actually pretty relaxing to quilt this pattern.

Bubble/pebble quilting

So there you have it, the WiPs that have been consuming my sewing time for the past little bit. If you're curious to check my master WiP status report, here's a link to my nutty spreadsheet.

Be sure to see what everyone else has been working on this week!


  1. Both quilts look great, although I especially like your second with the lovely pebble quilting.

  2. The bubbles are amazing. I can see how that would be very time consuming! It will all be worth it though. :)

  3. Both quilts look wonderful. I probably would have opted for extensive quilting for the tree skirt... then got distracted and never finished. SO maybe your way is better :)

  4. wow, both quilts look amazing! I'm in awe of your quilting abilities.

  5. Incredible bubble quilting! There's no way I could quilt like that! Great job, and thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  6. I love doing bubbles (pebbles). Great quilting on that one. Look forward to seeing more.

  7. You are a crazy woman! I'm seriously going to ship my quilts down to you--I can't seem to find the patience lately for anything more than an all-over meander or some simple straight line quilting. I bow before your bubbles!

  8. I have quilted two quilts with pebbles, a baby with small ones and a twin sized with 2 or 3 inch pebbles. I love the texture it gives. Keep it up!