Friday, January 20, 2012


I started a new pinboard on Pinterest today, dedicated to machine quilting. My jelly roll quilt top just needs borders, so machine quilting's weighing heavy on my mind right now, since I'm still undecided on how I'll quilt it.

Most of the pins are definitely aspirational at this point. If I want to stick to my self-imposed deadline on the first jelly roll quilt at least, I'll need to tame my Big Quilting Ideas. I would like to incorporate a couple of new to me quilting design elements in this quilt though.

Here are some ideas I've been doodling.

Um, I know. It kind of looks like a preschooler did this, but I was using a laptop mousepad in Microsoft Paint on a Friday night, so cut me some slack, mmkay? You get the idea anyways, right?

How do you decide what designs best fit a quilt? Does it depend on your mood? Your timeline? Your comfort level with a design?


  1. Most of the time, my timeline determines how I quilt a top. Unfortunately! I'd love to have time to experiment with interesting designs - and yours look wonderful!

  2. Those designs look great on your quilt. My free motion stinks, so I usually do wavy lines or straight ones. The machine quilter gets my big ones and I am never disappointed : )

  3. As much as I wish it depended on my mood or what I think the quilt is 'calling' for, right now it depends more on my skills. I have two quilts right now that are ready for quilting, I know what I want to do for the quilting but my skills aren't there yet. I *am* practicing though, so someday!

  4. Good idea! I am always saving ideas.

  5. When deciding on a handquilted design, I did...curvy quilting with geometric piecing and visa-versa.

    But on the longarm...all I can do right now is loopeez-up and loopeez down. So, it's curvy with everything. =P to be able to draw like you did on the picture!