Monday, January 2, 2012

Easing Back Into Normal Life

For some reason, this year, the holidays have completely walloped me. I thought we did a pretty good job of keeping things low-key with decorations and gift-giving, but the thought of taking down the decorations and writing thank you notes is really overwhelming right now. I'm hoping that throwing myself back into my everyday work routine will give me the kick in the pants I need to carpe the heck out of 2012.

With borders this time

A quick addendum to yesterday's picture of my January jelly roll fabric: I rummaged around in my stash this morning, hoping to find some border fabric for January's jelly roll quilt. I emerged triumphantly victorious, with a paisley print from Sanctuary by 3 Sisters. I think I could write a sonnet about how much I love this paisley print. I know I just lost most modern quilters with that last sentence, but I'm pretty sure my love for paisley will abide with me until my dying day, no matter how many wonky blocks I make. This collection is long gone from most fabric stores. I think it came out waaay back in 2004. This particular print came from some yardage that Mom gave to me a few years back to hoard use. I'm so pleased I found a good use for the fabric, that I'm able to use what I have instead of buying new, and that the prints from older lines still coordinate with the newer collections. The solid reddish-pink print a Robyn Pandolph solid from a fabric shop we visited over Christmas break down in Grand Cane, La. I'm planning to use it for the inner border and binding. I'm counting on that solid print to contain the busy-ness of the paisley border fabric.

Last row of pebble quilting

To be honest, I'm procrastinating on actually starting my jelly roll quilt for January, mainly because I refuse to put away my half-square triangle quilt until it's finished. Okay, at least until it's quilted. I have about 3 more episodes' worth of the West Wing to go/quilt through, and then I should be done with the pebble quilting (and with West Wing, season 4 for the umpteenth time). I'm down to pebble quilting the last 8" or so along the length of the quilt. I might be kicking myself later in the month for sacrificing a few days on my first jelly roll project, but I'm afraid that if I put away this WIP now, it will languish in my UFO pile for another few months. I hate to lose the momentum I've built up with this quilt.

Ready for us to go back to work

I think the holidays have managed to wallop Gunther as well. This guy's been pretty much exhausted since we returned from The Great Trip to my parents' house on Saturday night. We've taken long walks every day since we got back (I just counted in my head, and it's only been 2 days. How is that possible?), and afterwards, he's curled up to sleep for the rest of the day/night. After a week of travel and constant activity with extended (canine and human) family members, I think he's more than ready for us to head back to work, so he can resume his normal routine of uninterrupted hibernation.

With a new year, comes a new round of menu planning. If you're here for the food, here's what we're eating to ring in 2012 this week:
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  1. Hello there. I am sooo excited about your jellyroll quilts coming up. I guess I can wait a few more days (but just a few k?) Get some rest and don't stress too much about thank you notes. Blessings in 2012

  2. I agree about being kind of shot after the holidays. We spent the last couple of days returning the house to normal, and trying to get back with the program!

    PS--I consider myself a fairly modern quilter, but my love for paisley cannot be contained. I have a whole tub of paisley fabrics I've collected over the years--someday, they'll be part of a more traditional quilt. :) It's about being happy more than about labels anyway. :D

  3. "Uninterrupted hibernation"! Sounds like my dogs - who lay like lumps all day!