Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jelly Roll Project - Quick Clarification

Just to be on the safe side, I wanted to clarify that I'm not doing a formal jelly roll quilt-along each month with a specific project. A fair number of the patterns I've flagged to use this year come from books, published patterns, etc. so I don't want to tread on anyone's copyright by posting specific instructions for published patterns. I *will* try to be conscientious about posting process posts along the way though, for folks who want a blow by blow idea of how the project progresses throughout the month

Time to press some seams 
Exhibit A: I've finally started on the project.

I'm encouraging everyone to use a jelly roll or set of strips somehow, some way this month. You don't have to use the same pattern I do. Feel free to use any pattern out there, or make up your own, so long as you're busting some rolls. And please do feel free to go ahead and start on your project! Just because I've been procrastinating a wee bit doesn't mean that you have to procrastinate also!

Bummed/Disillusioned that I'm not hosting a formal quilt-along? Just so I don't leave you completely hanging, here are a few of my favorite quilt-alongs and step by step tutorials that use jelly rolls:

Also, keep in mind that you can sub-cut your 2.5" strips into strips of varying widths (one 2.5" strip becomes a 1" strip and a 1.5" strip, or one 2.5" strip becomes two 1.25" strips) to make strings for a string-pieced quilts. Here are some of my favorite string-pieced tutorials:
Sorry if my poor communication skillz have disappointed anyone! Now let's go bust a roll...

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  1. Sounds good to me. For the most part, lots of quilters just need to see a pic and can figure it out from there right? You just have fun with it and don't feel pressured. Blessings,