Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Party - Let Me See Your Jelly Roll!

Woot! I did it! I finished my jelly roll quilt for February, binding and all. But bad news, bears. The weather kinda stinks here.

Gloomy backdrop for a finish 

See what I mean? Usually this window seat is basking in sunlight in the morning. No such luck today. 

If the sun shows its face before I leave for work in the next few days, I'll try to snap some photos with the "real" camera.

In the meantime, if you have finished a jelly roll/strippy top or project this month, I wanna see it! Link up below. The link party will stay open until the morning of March 5. Also, I finally got on it already and made a button for the jelly roll party with the HTML code below it (also on my sidebar). Feel free to grab it for your post.


Dangit all if I didn't forget to take a picture of the prize, but I'll draw a name out of the participants to win a scrap bag of strips of the Amelia line by Me and My Sister. (Official picture of the prize forthcoming)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Back! With a Finish!

You remember when I promised a parade of finished quilts a few weeks ago?

Don't worry if you don't remember. I forgot about it too.

But I'm back with a finished quilt!

My friend, Merissa, asked me if I'd make a special quilt for her special goddaughter.

I used Melissa's All Framed Up pattern from Moda Bake Shop, and I love the way it turned out!

baby quilt for nora

For the fabric, I didn't have two charm packs in the same collection in the new mom's colors of choice, so I used a charm pack of Flora by Lauren and Jessi Jung and supplemented that with some stash fabrics.

The backing is a flannel animal print. This was actually my first time using flannel in a quilt, and I'm in love with how soft and fluffy it turned out to be.

flannel backing

Like I mentioned, this quilt is going to a special baby. Nora was born premature and is looking at spending the first 6 or so months of her life in the hospital for multiple operations. I'm sure she and her parents would covet your good thoughts and prayers over the next few months.

my fave block

Started: January 2012
Finished: January 2012
Machine-pieced, machine-quilted
Fabric: Flora by Lauren and Jessi Jung for Moda, various stash fabrics

Monday, February 13, 2012

Another (Manic?) Monday

I'm so ambivalent about Mondays.

The optimist in me gets a little bit excited about all the possibility the week ahead holds. So many days ahead to get stuff done! A blank slate to start the week afresh! Time to try re-establishing some new routines to make life "easier" at home and work!

Then there's the other side of me that's counting down the days until I get to sleep in again.

I'm doing my best this week to lean towards optimism. We'll see how it goes.

Last night, I finally started piecing my blocks together for this month's jelly roll quilt.

I've come to rely on my Angler 2 ruler for piecing, especially if the project involves marking diagonal lines on the wrong side of 23,487,243 pieces of fabric. See Nicole's blog post for more detailed information on how the actual ruler works.

My lifesaver

I usually think twice before purchasing gadgets, notions, whatever you want to call them. Most of the time, I just hit the notions section of the fabric shop for the basics - thread, needles, and the occasional rotary blade replacements. But between my first and second half-square triangle quilts last summer and my current jelly roll project with all the cut-away pieces, this ruler has already paid for itself in spades with the time I've saved. Added to that, I think my piecing's quite a bit more accurate when I use this ruler, since it has that long 1/4" seam line. Humble opinion: these little gizmos are definitely worth $7-$10!

If you happen to hang around here for the food, here's what we're eating this week:
  • Upscale Macaroni and Cheese, (plus some Roasted Salmon for me)
  • Spinach and Chevre Soup, Homemade Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread
  • Pasta + SauceRoasted Broccoli
  • Chinese Takeout - Happy Valentine's Day!
  • Bean + Rice Burritos, Avocado
  • Roasted Red Pepper and Corn Risotto (like this, but with 2 roasted red peppers and 1 c of corn, instead of spinach; I also omit the parmesan, and I don't use nearly so much rice. Shoot, maybe I should just write up my recipe sometime, since no one else out there on the interwebz seems to make it just like I do.)
  • Pizza

Be sure to check out other weekly menus over at OrgJunkie's Menu Plan Monday

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Half-Square Triangle Bliss

This is one of those quilts that definitely percolated on the backburner last year, but I think it might be my favorite project that I started during 2011.

HST finished

Don't get me wrong. This quilt was not devoid of angst or stress.

draped on the back deck

Piecing the quilt wasn't an ordeal at all. It was a bit tedious making all those half-square triangle quilts, but I needed a nice mindless piecing project at that point in the year. I decided to amp up the simple construction with some high-powered quilting.

close-up #2

All that pebble quilting makes for a striking effect, but it's definitely not the kind of quilting that's associated with immediate gratification and quick closure to a project.

ready for the close-up

In the end, though, I'm so glad I decided to take my time on it and just enjoy the process. Well, except for the laundering part. I enjoyed the rest of it, though.

Vital Stats:
  • Started: May 2011
  • Finished: January 2012
  • Machine-pieced, machine-quilted
  • Fabric: Kona Snow (background), Chrysalis by Sanae, Freebird by Momo

Monday, February 6, 2012

January Winners and February Prep

I'm so excited that folks have decided to play along with my crazy monthly jelly roll project. This month, we had two participants, and I hate to give one person a prize and leave the other one left hanging. Soooo...


#2 - Meg at The Mad Quilting Librarian wins the official prize - 3 yards total of a few Denyse Schmidt fabrics.

Jelly roll booty

#1 - Sharon over at Vrooman's Quilts wins the runner's-up prize - a Sandy Gervais layer cake from forever ago that I cut to pieces and then promptly abandoned.

Fresh-squeezed best intentions 

Ladies, I just sent you an email. Send me your mailing addresses, and you'll get your prizes soon!

In other news, I updated my post from last week with some finished pictures of and commentary for my January jelly roll quilt. You should go check it out if you're interested in how I survived my January project.

  fave block #2

I've also pulled together my fabric for February's pattern. 

jelly roll supplies for February 

The jelly roll is Botany by Lauren and Jessi Jung, with some Kona Khaki for the background. I'll use the Floral Bouquet pattern from Jelly Roll Quilts. After last month's fiasco, I'm a bit relieved to have actual written directions to follow that have been tested and proofed by someone other than my flawed self.

I have a few finished quilts that are ready for their Interweb debuts, so I'll probably run a quilt parade this week. I hope everyone's month of LUV is off to a great start!