Monday, February 13, 2012

Another (Manic?) Monday

I'm so ambivalent about Mondays.

The optimist in me gets a little bit excited about all the possibility the week ahead holds. So many days ahead to get stuff done! A blank slate to start the week afresh! Time to try re-establishing some new routines to make life "easier" at home and work!

Then there's the other side of me that's counting down the days until I get to sleep in again.

I'm doing my best this week to lean towards optimism. We'll see how it goes.

Last night, I finally started piecing my blocks together for this month's jelly roll quilt.

I've come to rely on my Angler 2 ruler for piecing, especially if the project involves marking diagonal lines on the wrong side of 23,487,243 pieces of fabric. See Nicole's blog post for more detailed information on how the actual ruler works.

My lifesaver

I usually think twice before purchasing gadgets, notions, whatever you want to call them. Most of the time, I just hit the notions section of the fabric shop for the basics - thread, needles, and the occasional rotary blade replacements. But between my first and second half-square triangle quilts last summer and my current jelly roll project with all the cut-away pieces, this ruler has already paid for itself in spades with the time I've saved. Added to that, I think my piecing's quite a bit more accurate when I use this ruler, since it has that long 1/4" seam line. Humble opinion: these little gizmos are definitely worth $7-$10!

If you happen to hang around here for the food, here's what we're eating this week:
  • Upscale Macaroni and Cheese, (plus some Roasted Salmon for me)
  • Spinach and Chevre Soup, Homemade Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread
  • Pasta + SauceRoasted Broccoli
  • Chinese Takeout - Happy Valentine's Day!
  • Bean + Rice Burritos, Avocado
  • Roasted Red Pepper and Corn Risotto (like this, but with 2 roasted red peppers and 1 c of corn, instead of spinach; I also omit the parmesan, and I don't use nearly so much rice. Shoot, maybe I should just write up my recipe sometime, since no one else out there on the interwebz seems to make it just like I do.)
  • Pizza

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  1. My mother-in-law used to sew her own clothes. Many women, in my generation, didn't bother to learn to sew. That's something that I've added to my Bucket List.
    Everything looks amazing!
    Have a wonderful and delicious week.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. It pays to have a sense of humor on Monday - as an example, here's my Facebook status update from this morning.... "If you think your Monday is tough, try mine - I'm off to get tortured and poisoned! (also known as exercise and chemo... lol!)" Maybe that will make your week look a little less tough! And I'm definitely going to look into that Angler 2 ruler - I usually avoid gadgets but if you think it really saves time I'll take your recommendation!!

  3. Im not much into gimiky templates either, but I do love my martimitchell templates for basic shapes sets A,B,C,D. I can do all the quick piecing but you deal with dog ears, matching evenly etc. These are designed to eliminate that. I use them to piece my swoon and it was so flawless.

  4. Seems like an awesome ruler! May have to get one...and your menu looks delicious!