Thursday, April 26, 2012

Casting Off Again

I mentioned yesterday that I "finished" a couple of projects, meaning I decided I don't want to finish them. The first one is a scrap quilt I planned to make. I pulled 100 or so light-colored charm squares from my stash o' scraps, cut them in half so they'd be ready for an inverted 9-patch quilt, and then I left them to gather dust on my fabric shelf.

next scrap quilt 

Now, I'm just not feelin' the project anymore, so I'm saving this particular set of fabric for the DOQ guild's silent auction this summer.

The other project is a lone star quilt that I started a few years back to take some of the stress off of wedding planning. You know what else takes the stress off of wedding planning? Starting a bazillion projects but not finishing any of them.

ignored lone star

I used a couple of jelly rolls (Christmas Past by Minick and Simpson) that I got on a super-crazy sale at Fat Quarter Shop forever ago. I harbor serious doubts that someone would actually want this project in its current state. All the strips are in various states of pieced disarray, and I definitely can't guarantee that the cutting is accurate. I've briefly entertained the notion of ripping out all the seams and using the diamonds for an English paper piecing project. But that seems like an awful lot of work for fabric that I feel kinda meh about.

Has anyone else divested themselves of any WiPs lately? Did you find any suckers fellow quilters willing to take the disarrayed projects?


  1. Oh...I like Christmas Past I won some in a giveaway and used it for a Christmas table cloth... LOL one person's meh is another person's yay!!

    Hugs xx

  2. You know i'm always up for disarrayed projects, Megan! It's always a challenge to figure out what the original intent was, and see if we can do it, or use it for something else!