Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fashionably Late Doesn't Even Begin to Describe It


Let's pretend it's still March 31, shall we? I've posted a link party below for the monthly jelly roll party. It's slated to run for 7 days. I'll pick a winner from the entrants next Wednesday, April 11th,  to take home a new car this Moda scrap bag.

The fabrics look a little old-timey, but I think they go well with my quilt (top) from March.

granny squares quilt top in etchings 

 Just a quick recap of the rules:
1) The project must be some kind of strippy project, not necessarily an official jelly roll
2) You must have worked on the project at some point in the past month.
3) The project must be at least a top in the blog post that you link up.

Anyways, back to business, these granny squares take an awful lot of time to construct, eh? I spent the lion's share of my crafty time in March kicking myself for not strip-piecing granny square blocks like Katy did.

Oh well, piecing them this way allowed me to use up both a charm pack and a jelly roll's worth of fabric, so it's all good in the end.

I also spent a fair amount of time bemoaning the fact that the local shops were out of Kona Ivory and being cranky about ordering what I needed online, since I would pay just as much in shipping as I would for the actual fabric. So my Granny Square quilt is sashing-less.

granny square etchings quilt top

No matter how skinny I would have made the sashing, I just wouldn't have had enough fabric to sash everything. So instead, I have a nice healthy 4" (finished) border. And lots of mis-matched points. But if you imbibe enough and/or relax your eyes enough, those mismatched points fade away.

granny squares quilt top

I've bought my backing, prepped my quilting designs, and even mopped the living room floor in anticipation of basting. Now it's your turn. Did you finish any strippy quilts/tops in March? 


  1. Hey guess what?? I just purchased my first jelly roll! Sweetwater Pure for Moda, being destashed by Tracey of the Tracey Jay Quilts blog. Can't WAIT for it to arrive!

  2. I used my prior winnings from you for a lovely zig-zag quilt which will be donated to the Hands2Help project. There were so many pieces that I sent them to a friend who shared them with some youth making quilts for Project Linus.

  3. I have used so much of the bundle i won from you : ) My scrap quilt is nearly done. Yea!

  4. I love your quilt, Megan! I've got to make some of those blocks!! And thank you, Heather, for buying that Pure jelly roll and taking the temptation away from me!!

  5. I'm so glad to see a granny squares quilt not sashed. I'm still working on my blocks, but wondering whether I want sashing or not.