Monday, April 9, 2012

Slight Progress

Like I mentioned over the weekend, I have a few goals for the month of April, and I've managed to eek out a little bit of progress on all the goals.

Quilting "worksheets"

1) I've made the "quilting worksheets" for my Etchings quilt top. I traced the feather pattern a half-dozen or so times on to squares of tracing paper, then layered 4-5 additional sheets of tracing paper below it, and after that used my machine (unthreaded with a dull needle) to perforate the design on the other sheets of paper. I rinsed and repeated 5-6 more times to get enough worksheets to cover all my granny squares. Once I baste the quilt, I'll pin a worksheet on top of each block, stitch around the perforated lines, and then pull up the paper when I'm all done.

Carnival leaf quilting

2) Last night, I started quilting the Carnival quilt top for my mother-in-law. She told me to quilt it just like the quilt on the cover of the pattern, which The Angela Walters quilted. Intimidation anyone? So I started with the easy part and stitched the leafy design in the chunky pinwheels and then stitched in the ditch around the pinwheels. Is free motion ditch-stitching a humbling experience for anyone else?

Happy campers for daisy chain pattern 

3) Finally, I bought the background fabric for my April jelly roll quilt and pulled a potential piece of fabric from the stash for the binding. It kind of matches the Happy Campers fabric. More than anything the plaid reminds me of the flannel inside of sleeping bags. If that doesn't evoke memories of camping, I don't know what does.

Here's to hoping that the rest of the week is as focused as the past few days have been!


  1. Well, aren't you the clever one! Great idea to make patterns with perforated holes. Must try that some time : ) Can't wait to see your next jelly quilt.

  2. Tat is a good idea about perforating the sheets-look forward to hearing how that works out! Your quilting is always so striking :)

  3. Loving that Happy Camper jelly roll and background fabric. You are so brave with all that quilting! I am still so intimidated by it.. need lots more practice. Looking forward to seeing it done. :o) I'm sure it will look great.