Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May Jelly Roll Party

How is it possible that another month has already passed?


I'm madly stitching away to finish this month's jelly roll project. In addition to my own self-imposed monthly deadline, I'm also trying to finish up this month's project for the H2H challenge. I'm optimistic that I'll have a bound quilt in the mail by the weekend. (Why hello there, machine binding.) More details on the soon-to-be-published-finished post!

Here's my current progress... 

H2H - workin' it!

For the first time since I inherited my Hobby Quilter machine 4 years ago, I've been wrastling with it on the machine quilting for this project. In the past, when other quilters commiserated over machine quilting angst, I always stood there dumbly (and mentally gloating), with nothing to say, because up until Monday night, my machine has been nothing if not angelic when it comes to machine quilting. And I always skimmed quite quickly through all the blog posts featuring helpful tips and tricks for machine quilting on your tabletop machine. 

Well, karma's finally catching up with me. I guess my machine is entering its rebellious adolescent years. Up to this point, I've been able to quilt with any old thread, have ridiculously illogical tension settings, and sew with the same needle for weeks on end, to no ill effects. I think my machine's gotten wise to me and my cheap/lazy ways. After re-threading the top and bottom a couple of times, swapping out the needle, and uttering a few, ahem, choice words at the machine for good measure, I finally swapped out the thread to a Mettler spool, and things are rolling along nicely now. 

Wish me luck!

In the meantime, if anyone's wrapped up a jelly roll project, link up below! It will run until June 6th at 10:25pm EST.

I'll draw a winner to win this adorably cute scrap bag of Me and My Sister strips.may booty 

Also, PSA: Y'all, please change out your sewing machine needle and oil your machine tonight if you haven't lately. Your machine will thank you with its soothing, purring stitches that no longer sound like a mafia family firing off all their tommy guns in your sewing room. . 


  1. Love this! If I have time next month Ill pull out a jelly roll quilt I started 2 years ago and see if I can finish it. Thats after I finish piecing one top and prepare it to be quilted, quilt two others, finish another top and prepare backings for two others. Glad school ends Friday so I have time to sew!! Are you coming to see Tula Pink Wednesday?

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