Saturday, June 2, 2012

H2H 2012 Quilt - Finished

For my May jelly roll quilt project, I decided to double-duty it and use it as an opportunity to also complete my H2H charity quilt. My swap partner sent me this palette

I chose these fabrics to go along with the palette
h2h palette finally

(Thimble Pleasures in Chapel Hill was the perfect place to shop for fabrics to match the palette. Since they arrange their store by color, it was easy to hone in on one color at a time without getting too distracted.)

And then I started flipping through my Jelly Roll Quilts book to find a quick! and easy! pattern. I settled on "Garden Trellis." Here are a couple of other great versions of the pattern. I made my own jelly roll on this quilt, by cutting 2.5" strips from all the yardage I got to go along with the palette. Since I didn't have enough "light" strips to follow the pattern exactly, I got 3 yards of a white tone on tone and cut that into a bunch of 2.5" strips and considered the palette colors my "dark" strips.

Maybe my brain was a bit slow in May, but I had a tough time translating the pattern instructions to real life, since once again, I refused to shell out the money for a specialty ruler. Not wanting to repeat the fiasco from January, I decided to turn to the Internet for advice. The pattern uses a basic "strip tube" technique. Luckily, Missouri Quilt Co. posted a whole video on how to use this technique for strippy quilts with a regular square ruler. They used 3 strips per unit, instead of just two, but you can watch the video to get the basic idea.

the whole she-bang 
This quilt top came together so incredibly quickly. I knocked most of it out in a weekend, while watching cinematic masterpieces, like Leap Year and Steel Magnolias. It's definitely a pattern to keep in your queue for when you need to pull together a project quickly.

variety of colors 
I opted to lay out the blocks so that the "lights" and "darks" formed their own small and large diamond shapes. There are endless possibilities for the layout with this strip tube method. I might try out a different layout option later on in the year.

my favorite block 
FYI - This pink and gray is my favorite block.

scrappy block 
Some of the blocks ended up scrappier than others, since I was trying to use up as many block units as possible. (I'm on a mission to reduce my project leftovers as much as possible this year.)

machine quilting 
For the quilting, I machine-quilted an allover medium-scale loopy stipple. It finished up pretty quickly. From the pink and gray block photo (above), you'll notice I used up the last of the background fabric. (no leftovers!)

embracing solid backing 
I used Kona "Prepared For Dying" fabric (PFD) for the backing. It's not as white as the tone on tone I used for the background and binding, but maybe if it gets dirty, it won't be as noticeable. The Kona White was way too bright white to use as a backing.

This quilt will be on its way to Sarah next week so her church can add it to the distribution pile for the kids in St Bernard Parish, La later this fall. This community was especially hard-hit by Hurricane Katrina. I hope whomever receives knows I was thinking about and praying for them and their families while I made it!

Just under the wire, I'm linking up to Sarah's H2H linky party. (nothing like being the goddess of the last minute, eh?)

Vital Stats:
Started: May 2012
Finished: May 2012
Machine-pieced, machine-quilted, machine-bound
Fabrics - various.


  1. So springy and cheerful! I also live in Chapel Hill!

  2. What a beautiful quilt. Someone is going to love and cherish it.

  3. Goddess of the last minute, but also maybe goddess of the jelly roll quilt! It's gorgeous, Megan!! Thanks for participating in H2H this year!

  4. I love everything about this, it's so perfect and happy!

  5. Sheila sent me to your blog. Love your work! Love THIS quilt!

  6. This quilt is AWESOME! Beautifully quilted : )