Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Little of This, A Little of That

I wish I could claim that I've been laser-focused on finishing one project this month, but I've spent most of my time dabbling here and there on projects in various states of progress.

Central park hexagons
I finished all the handwork on my Central Park hexagons project. All the flowers are pieced. I'm planning to applique them onto a solid of some color that's yet to be determined.

In the meantime, we still had small weekend trips to visit family and friends, DVR to keep up with, etc., so I still needed a hand project to keep me occupied. I dug out the scraps from my Oasis quilt and my recently completed H2H quilt and started making hexagons.

To be paper pieced
These are the pieces left over from the end of the strip unit after cutting the units at a 45-degree angle. I've been able to eke out one, sometimes two, hexagons from these leftover strips.

Pastel hexagons
Here are the hexagons I've completed thus far.

I also finally got crackin' on my swap blocks for TMQG. They're due at the July meeting, so I'm breathing a little easier, now that I'm 1/3 done.

Tmqg swap block for Patricia
First I made Patricia's block.

Tmqg 2012 swap block for Valerie
Then Valerie's. Also, notice the ghetto, weeded-over monkey bars behind the clothesline. We keep it klassy in our yard.

tmqg 2012 swap block for Meg
Then Meg's, using leftovers from Patricia's block.

tmqg swap block for Cathie
And then Cathie's.

I'm working up the courage to try paper piecing on a few of my next blocks. Wish me luck!

may booty
Also, before I forget, the winner of the May jelly roll party is Sharon, who made an awesome variation on a jelly roll race quilt this month. Sharon - I've sent you an email to confirm your address - be on the lookout!

Is anyone else dabbling this summer? Or have you been getting it done?


  1. Congrats Sharon! and your blocks are lovely Megan :)

  2. Congratulations Sharon.
    You have been busy. Nice blocks, Megan.

  3. Thank you sweetie - lovely addition to the stash. Wish we could get more folks involved with your JR challenge. Just love that blue block!

  4. I love your blocks...especially mine :) My backyard makes your look very classy.

  5. Your hexes are so so pretty. They inspire me to pull my hexes out. I've been "working on" them for almost a year now and have maybe 12 completed flowers.

  6. Your hexes are sweet! I was just catching up on your blog... I enjoyed my visit:) lots of wonderful things going on here!

  7. Ooo, Ooo, now I know that one is from you! Thank you, I love it! I like how it looks like a spinning wheel :)