Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Jelly Rollin' in the Summer

For June, instead of starting a brand new jelly roll project, I decided I'd try and finish one of the jelly roll WiPs I've already started this year. I gravitated towards the granny square quilt I made largely from Etchings fabric back in March. I didn't quite finish, but I definitely came close enough that I'm willing to call it an accomplishment. 


I spent my "sewing" time the last few days pulling out the tracing paper templates that I used for machine quilting the feather patterns. It's definitely not the sexiest part of the quilting process, but it must be done. 

Now I've come to the binding, the next step in the decision-making process has me in a bit of a pickle:

Border closeup 

  1. What fabrics should I use? Use up the leftover 2.5" strips I didn't use for the granny squares? Or save those for another Etchings project and buy something different to round out this project? (There are about 18 leftover strips, so plenty enough for a scrappy string project or a quick 9-patch/Irish chain quilt.)
  2. If I decide to buy something different, what color to choose? Red? Light blue? Charcoal gray? I used a DS Quilts fabric for the backing with some red and light blue, so while the colors technically match, the flavor of the front of the quilt vs. the back is a bit different. The print on the back is reminiscent of fun summer times with flip flops and picnic baskets, while the front more reminds me of high tea in the wintertime, where you ought not forget to stick your pinky in the air and cross your legs at the ankles thankyouverymuch. So the binding fabric needs to be a bit bipolar to work with both sides of the quilt, y'know?

As I ponder that, I'm plowing ahead with my July plans. I decided that I'm not going to start a brand spankin' new project in July either. Sorry if you're here to see new projects! all day! every day! Right now, I'm riding a wave of WiP productivity, and I hate to lose my momentum. 

Back in May, John hooked up TMQG for realz with a bunch of scraps from Kate Spain's new Christmas line, Joy. I've been gradually making some basic string blocks as I have the time and inclination. So far, I'm up to 15 blocks.

joyous strings

Originally, my goal was to keep making these blocks until I run out of strings. Well, I started doing some rough math in my head, and if I keep up my current rate of string to finished block usage, I will have a quilt approximately large enough to cover half of a basketball court. Oh, and I wouldn't finish making these blocks until sometime in 2015. So I'm scaling back my grand ambitions and limiting myself to 50 or so string blocks. I might have to scale back the scaled back plans a bit more as the month goes on. We'll see.

For the first time in 4-eva, I'm linking up to WiP Wednesday. Here's a link to my nutty WiP spreadsheet for anyone who's interested in my overall WiP progress - I'm holding strong at 23 projects in progress.

  WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Pretty quilt - how about a tone-on-tone deep beige for the binding? And I love those Christmas string blocks!! That's going to make a beautiful quilt. Congrats on jumping on the WIP wagon - don't get off until you get some stuff done! We can live without seeing all new projects!!

  2. Love granny square. Definitely on my list of blocks to try.
    Been doing scrappy bindings lately. Like stripes, too.
    Noticed a lot of people using polka dots for bindings lately. After reading your description of this quilt's backing, a black or very dark gray with white dots might make a nice binding. Sarah's tone-on-tone deep beige binding sounds good, too.
    When I'm not sure what to use for a binding, I audition many fabrics around the edges of my quilt, look at it for a few days. I have so many projects going, I can work on something else while I think about it.
    Thanks for the link to the string block tut.
    Enjoyed your post today, Megan :D

  3. Personal opinion? Etchings is such an elegant line. I wonder if a scrappy binding is a bit " funky" . Either way it will be lovely.