Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stickin' a Fork in the TMQG Swap Blocks

After making batches of a few of our homemade staples (yogurt, granola) and getting some dinner in the crockpot, I hunkered down on Saturday and cranked out a good many of the blocks I needed to make for the TMQG block swap, due Sunday. Why yes, I am the goddess of the last minute. Thank you for noticing ;)

I did my best to group together "like requests," so I didn't have to switch from one piecing mode to another. 

I started with Terry's block, who provided some Kaffe and Kona White and asked for frame in frame style blocks.
to terry from megan

From there, I moved on to John, who asked for multiple frames within a larger 15" block.
to john from megan

After that came lunch and a brief foray into the world of paper-piecing. After a few failed practice blocks, I eventually decided that 24 hours before a deadline is not the ideal time to try new things for other people's projects, unless they've specifically requested a new-to-me technique. Can I get a witness?

Next came Sara, who asked for a block with movement and suggested flying geese as a possibility. I seized her suggestion with a vengeance, since I can make flying geese like no one's business.
to sara from megan

After that, I worked with Kate's fabric, who also suggested geese and even had a bird in one of her fabrics, so I decided to fussy cut around that.
to kate from megan

Then came Colleen's block, which needed to have a wonky star in there somewhere, without making just a plain ol' wonky star. After making these itty bitty square in square for both Colleen's and John's blocks, I think I'm hooked. I'm plotting ways to incorporate them in a charm pack quilt.
  to colleen from megan

For my final block of the night, I made a wonky quarter log cabin block for Maret, using John's tutorial as a basis for the construction. to maret from megan

At that point, I called it a night for sewing, and went downstairs for dinner and a movie, so that the Husbatron would remember what I looked like, in all my pajama-wearing, unshowered glory. That's right. I wore my PJs all day on Saturday. What of it?

Then on Sunday, I finished the final block for Amanda, who requested a chicken block. After the previous day's failed paper piecing attempts, I was thrilled to find a patchwork pattern for a chicken. to amanda ann from megan

And with that, I was done! My other blocks for this swap are described here.

I'm linking up to Amy's One Thing One Week Challenge for this week! Hooray for getting stuff done!

Amy's Creative Side

Also, I almost forgot, the winner of the Nature's Notebook scrap bag is....

Natures notebook scrap

Heyyomamma (who has the most awesome blog name I've seen in awhile)! Send me an email with your address, and I'll get the goods in the mail to you!


  1. Wow Megan, you did awesome!!! Great blocks!!!!

  2. I love the little square in a square blocks! Now I know who made it!

  3. Well done, there's nothing like a challenge to get stuff done!

  4. Holy blockbusting Batwoman!! Amazing production at your house : )

  5. Congratulations to the winner of the JR and thank you for hosting again.

  6. That's a lot of bee blocks! Love your chicken, thanks for linking up to it!