Thursday, August 16, 2012

Current Events

Oops, I disappeared again.

This time, I went down to Louisiana to spend some time with my family and also to see this face.

this face was happy to see me

I broke up the 16-hour drive into 2 days both going and coming, staying with friends in Birmingham on the way down and Atlanta on the way back. I brought hostess gifts, like these dish towels.

tea towels for a hostess gift

I used this Fig Tree tutorial to embellish some fun blue tea towels from World Market with leftover strips from a jelly roll project.

...Leftover strips from this particular jelly roll project actually.
ruby shortcake quilt top
That's right. I've already finished my jelly roll quilt top for August. I used a Ruby jelly roll and the Shortcake pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew. Maybe I'll actually quilt it by the end of the month.

fmq feather practice

To help with said machine quilting, I've been perusing Angela Walters' new book and practicing designs. I'm working up the gumption to quilt all these concentric swirls on the Joy strip top I finished last month. It's all basted and ready to go now.
fmq practice

Oh, and I finally took some time over my vacation to figure out instagram, if you can't tell from the fuzzy photos. If you're on there, look me up, yo! @crookedseams I'm still trying to decide if I like it.

Finally, the winner of the July jelly roll challenge is...
#6 - Pattilou!!! Check your email! I've sent a message requesting your address. Also, everyone else should take a look at Pattilou's projects - those teeny tiny Birds in Flight blocks are adorable.

Be sure to check out the quilts from the July party, if you're looking for some inspiration - folks worked on some pretty great projects last month.


  1. Whoo Hoo! Congratulations Patti! And thank you for another month of hosting.

  2. Oh my. He is sooooo cute :D
    Lovely quilt, Megan. I like the Shortcake pattern.
    Congratulations to Patti!

  3. Congrats Pattilou! Looking forward to seeing your quilt done megan. I have that book too. Awesome

  4. Megan, that is an adorable quilt. I look forward to seeing the quilting finished. Nice ideas.

    Yay for me! Looking forward to using the winnings in a quilt!

  5. You're my hero- I don't think I could draw those patterns, much less cut them and sew them together... I'd probably throw my calculator... ;) (I'm also a very big fan of those dish towels, but I'm waiting until after canning season before I put them out; it gets messy, what can I say, THANK YOU!)

  6. I think it turned out beautifully. And I agree with Melissa, those look hard!

    Amanda Rose