Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Jelly Roll Party!

Did any one work on a jelly roll/strippy quilt this month? Anyone? Anyone?


I started on a postage stamp quilt, but this is how far I got.


[Womp womp]

That's right. I'm still in the stripping stage.

Instead, I've been trying to make some headway on my WiPs.

I basted my Ruby Shortcake quilt


and my Happy Campers Irish Chain quilt.


I took the blocks that have been victims of one bad round of quilt math after another and finally did something with them.


I finished what felt like approximately 234,986,830 inches worth of binding for quilts to go in a quilt show next month. I'm hoping I can take some pictures for their "finished" posts, It's been either rainy or sunny but wet from all the rain all weekend, so it's been tough to catch the exact right time to haul all the quilts outside for a fashion shoot.

And I figured out how to do machine applique (again) so I could applique my hexagon flowers onto their background.

So I didn't finish the jelly roll quilt I started because I've been sewing like I stole it all month, so I'm not feeling too guilty.

Did anyone make something strippy this month? If so, link up below, and I'll pick a winner to receive a Happy Campers jelly roll! The party runs until October 7 at 10pm. Who knows? Maybe I'll even finish my postage stamp top by then. Maybe.

I'll be right back tomorrow with the kickoff to my 31 Days of String Blocks series!!



  1. Wow! You have been busy, Megan. So many lovely quilts.
    I'm looking forward to your 31 days of string blocks. I LOVE string blocks.

  2. Such a pretty lot of things you've got going, Megan! Since you opened up the challenge for strippy quilts, I've hooked up one that I made using a scrap bag you sent me - it was fun!! And I'd love to win that Happy Camper jelly roll - so I'm glad I had one in the bag for September!

  3. I have enough Joy leftovers that I could probably duplicate all of your string blocks! I think I need to jump in and quilt a few tops before I make any more though.