Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2: The Half-Square Triangle String

Today's block is a much-loved re-run for me.

stringy HST

I made approximately 849 of these blocks for my jelly roll/strippy quilt in July. Okay, I only made 56 of them, but by the end it felt like 849.


The best thing about this block? If you can make a string block AND make a half-square triangle block, you can make this one easily.

When it comes to making HST blocks, I use method 2 as described here. If you want to make a block just like mine, just slap an 8.5" background piece on top of your 8.5" basic string block, and make sure that your seams for your 2 HSTs are running PERPENDICULAR to your string seams when you mark and sew your center lines.

strings to hsts

On the other hand, the blocks where the string seams and HST seams run parallel are pretty awesome too. Exhibit A.

Another best thing about this block? Any basic HST block layout can be applied for this block too. For example, I luv how this quilter used some HST strings to make a trusty sawtooth star block. How cool would a string version of this quilt be? The design possibilities are endless!


  1. Great ideas and a great post. I am really enjoying your 31 days of string blocks!