Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 20: Snowballs!

{Sheepish grins}

Um, I kind of dropped off the face of the earth there for awhile. I got caught up in helping out with the DOQ guild show that's happening this weekend (anyone local should totally go), and everything else, except work and food, got put on hold. ALSO, I'm doing a free motion quilting demo on Sunday (tomorrow - eep!) at noon for the show. Again, anyone local should totally go.

So I'll sneak back into my 31 days series today. I'll probably go back and postdate some posts with blocks about other string blocks to catch up from last week, or maybe I'll just extend my 31 days into November. I definitely have 31 days' worth of blocks/posts planned, so it seems a shame to just skip so many because I got behind.

stringy snowball

Today's block is the snowball block. Over the past couple of years, I've really come to luv the basic snowball block. See here, here, and here for some of my favorites examples of other snowballs.

My problem, however, is that I can't quite get the proportions of the block size to winged corners quite right. For the first snowball quilt I made, I wish the winged corners cut in a little bit more. (I also wish I had made the diamonds larger and more prominent.)

one of my other favorite prints

For the next round of snowball blocks I made, the corners cut in a nice amount, but the bad quilt math meant that I've got all this weird winged sashing going on, so it takes away from the snowball effect of the quilt.


Then for today's block, I think I overcompensated and cut in a smidgen too much on the corners. But it's close enough for the government, so I'll take it. I'm thinking if I had a lot of other snowballs to piece next to it, the proportions might look a bit better, like the winged corners aren't cutting in quite so far.

stringy snowball

Is there a perfect ratio/formula out there I'm supposed to be using on the snowball blocks? Does anyone know? Is there a quilting calculator that tells me these kinds of things?


  1. So nice to see you back. Our local Quilt show was this weekend too. I had a demo to do yesterday and did a fairly simple origami flower. The local press showed up during my time slot and took lots of pictures. Who needs the added stress. Our show was set up in a fairly old and beautiful church. The display was beautiful. Joanne

  2. I love this block - and it might look really interesting if you staggered the rows of it so the snowballs "fitted in" between the blank spaces. Does that make sense? Anyway, love it and I'm glad you're back!!

  3. You might try 8.5 inch blocks with a 2.5 inch corner/snowball. I used that on my vintage holiday quilt and it turned out really cute...they were ornaments.

  4. There you are! Another lovely block.

  5. I've done snowball blocks with different dimensions for the corners than was given online when I looked up patterns. I think you can do what you want...spoken like a maverick quilter, huh!

    Love this idea for a block and Sarah's idea sounds great. I've also used 6.5 inch snowballs between scrappy patchwork squares. Lots of options!