Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 3: Walkin' on the Spiderweb

Today's block is one of my absolute favorites. (You'll probably hear me say that about a lot of these blocks.) The spiderweb block!

walkin' in the spiderweb

I noticed that it was a perennial favorite for bees - quilt bloggers always seem to make at least one each year for their bee mates. Then I made one and figured out why they're so popular with bees/swaps - it takes flippin' forever to make one block! I don't know if I'd have the stamina to make a quilt full of these blocks by myself, either!

I first made a spiderweb block for Jeannette way back in ye olde days of early 2011 when I was in Bee Splendid with some lovely ladies.

Spiderweb block #1

I made another one in early 2011 for Angie from the ladies in my first bee EVER, Sew Bee It.


After that, I started making the units for a spiderweb quilt from a scrapbag of some Civil War-ish looking fabrics. Not my usual bag of tricks, but I'm thinking it would make a good Quilts of Valor quilt (eventually), since the strips are mainly maroon, navy, and cream. Notice that I haven't even started piecing the units into blocks yet. By the time I actually finish this quilt, we might have achieved world peace and moved to Mars, thereby obviating the need for me to send this to Quilts of Valor.


But enough about me and my unfinished projects! Let's see what the trusty Internwebz has to say about the spiderweb block.

Tutorials abound!

  • Quiltville/Bonnie Hunter: I generally follow this tutorial. Once you have a template for the middle piece, it uses up the background fabric efficiently and doesn't require all the flipping of the background fabric.
  • Jacquie Gering: The layout of this block is slightly different than most of your standard spiderweb blocks, but I dig it. Pretty similar to the quiltville tutorial, in that again, it doesn't require the flipping. For anyone in NC who likes what they see on Jacquie's blog, Jacquie's going to be in the Triangle area for a book signing and improvisational workshop at Thimble Pleasures in Chapel Hill NEXT WEEK! 
  • Sew Mama Sew 
  • Heather @ A la Mode

Spiderweb blocks at work!

  • Charlotte's Web Quilt from Heather - this is one of my favorites, mainly because she made a good-sized quilt out of a relatively small number of good-looking spiderweb blocks - a perfect choice if you lose steam after a dozen or so blocks and/or don't want to make any more blocks to supplement the ones your bee mates made.
  • Selvage Spiderweb Quilt (scroll to the bottom of this post for the pics) -  I never get tired of seeing selvage spiderwebs. I don't care if they used modern or traditional selvages or crazy or plain background fabric. They all look awesome to me. I especially LUV the quilting on this one.
  • Jacquie at work again - Selvages + a-mazing quilting. Seriously, I can't get enough of this quilt. I think it's the background fabric that exactly matches the paint color of the Drapers' foyer in Mad Men that has me hooked.
  • Mini-Spiderweb quilt -  Because you don't always have to go big or go home.
  • Inverted Spiderweb - they string-pieced the inner triangle instead of the outer flaps of the triangle units. Did that make sense to anyone but me?
  • Using different background colors in each block
  • The Full Monty/Scrap Hoover - Feast your eyes! String-piecing everywhere!! This quilt makes me never want to throw away any piece of fabric ever again.

Oh, and my block finished up at 12.5" - it will be roughly 12" once it's pieced into a quilt. Someday.


  1. You have done a tremendous job on this project. I look forward to what you will be showing us each day and the wonderful resources from the Internet you have identified. Thank you. Joanne

  2. I've always wanted to try this block! Great round up for resources:)

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for all the links - this is one of my someday projects ;)

  4. I've never tried one. I'm afraid I'm going to be asked by one of my bee members to make one : (

  5. I made a whole quilt using spiderweb blocks. I made it special for Quilts of Valor, for a soldier from my church who was returning from Afghanistan last year. The blocks do take lots of time, but, I tend to sew in the family room in front of the TV. You can gets lots done that way, especially if you string piece. I'll make this block/quilt again.

  6. This is a very interesting block. In your blocks I see a four point stars. But when these blocks are sewed together to make quilts, I see spiderwebs. They play with my eyes now. Thank you for spending time to write this post and including nice links.

  7. Hi. You might like to look at my spiderweb quilt, as it is different from the ones you have listed here. It is on my blog