Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 6: Fat Cats

If yesterday's block was a Skinny Minnie, then today's block, the inverse of yesterday's, is a Fat Cat block. Instead of using the strings to make the skinny inner strip, the strings make up the fatty borders, and the solid takes (off-set) center stage on this one.

Fat Cat string block

My measurements for this block are slightly different from the Skinny Minnie block, but the basic construction idea is the same.

I started out making a basic 8.5" string block, with the strip seams running horizontally. Then I cut the block in 2 pieces, 2.5" from the left of the block and inserted a 1.5" background strip. At that point, I pressed and squared up the block to 8.5"

Sorry there are no instructive photos this time around. It's an easy block, promise!!

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