Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 9: String-X

I truly mean it when I say that today's block is one of my all-time favorites - the String-X block.

Bonnie Hunter penned the "original" tutorial for this block.
Then the Nittany Block Party posted instructions on how to add the white stripes down the sides of the strings.

Technically, I made four of these blocks, but I wanted to have a set of them put together in a nice roundish shape.

string-x block

This is another great block for making your favorite fabrics last a wee bit longer, especially if you follow the Nittany variation with the skinny (white) stripes down the sides - your strings only need to be 3.5" long to stretch across the paper.

I used this pattern on my Habitat challenge quilt last year, which still sits unfinished in my sewing room closet.

Habitat string-x blocks

If you do decide to use the Nittany variation, though, mind your skinny stripes as you square up the blocks. You'll want to make sure that you square up the blocks evenly, so that those skinny stripes match up when you piece together the blocks. It's slightly easier to fudge without the skinny stripes, simply because there aren't as many seams to match up.

There are some pretty amazing (finished!) variations of this quilt out in blogland. For your consideration:

Any favorites among the group? Any good-looking examples I missed? 


  1. I've made this pattern several times and it never fails. I have a bin full of scraps that sometimes have parallel edges and other scraps don't. I use them all by sewing them down onto paper. Once I sew the triangles on and square the block, I remove the paper.

  2. This is a nice variation. You really should finish the Habitat quilt. I did not care for that fabric line, but the blocks you have assembled are really pretty.

  3. Very cool block. You must nearly be out of those scraps?

  4. Nice block, especially the rainbow quilt in the link!

  5. Nice block, especially the rainbow quilt in the link!

  6. I seriously love this block! Diagonal quilts are my favorite and the fun strings are over the top. Thanks for sharing...