Tuesday, November 27, 2012

White Space

Last winter, I had this crazy idea to make a quilt for my bed, my QUEEN-SIZED bed.


The starting point for this madness? These itty bitty 2.5" blocks.
(Note to self: if you ever stop biting your nails again, this is what they look like. Nice, eh?)

Yes, I stretched one of those mini-charm packs into a queen-sized quilt. All it took was a little bit of solid red fabric and a little bit of solid blue fabric and half a bolt of Kona White. Oh, and 8 yards of backing fabric. Yes, 8. I have never bought that much of one fabric at one time in my life.

The blocks themselves are pretty simple. I sashed the tiny 2.5" squares with a skinny border and then nested them in some Kona White to make your typical modern offset square in a square block that finishes at 12". See other variations of this pattern here, here, and here.

finished bliss bed quilt! 
With a 6x7 block layout, along with a few borders, I managed to make the quilt {just} small enough to fit batting from my trusty roll of Warm and Natural (90" wide). The quilt measures 88x100, so I was able to eke by with about an inch of batting on either side. Luckily, I quilted it myself, so I didn't need to worry about igniting any longarmers' ire.

This was the biggest beast of a quilt I've made. Ever.

Basting this quilt was enough to scare me off of the quilting. We moved almost as much furniture so I could baste this puppy as we did the day we moved in the house. Scratch that, we had movers move our furniture into the house, so we moved MORE furniture in preparation for basting this quilt than we did when we moved in the house.

To do clutter 
I spent one afternoon basting this bad boy and then folded it up, set it in a corner, and studiously ignored it for a YEAR while I worked on other projects. See that blue quilt at the bottom of the pile there? That's the Beast, hoping to blend in with the blue-ish carpet.

Enter the Durham-Orange Quilt show this fall, which had a newly-minted modern category. Over the summer, I was trying to decide which projects to enter in the show, specifically in the "modern" category. I decided this particular project is probably the most modern-looking project I've worked on thus far that was closest to being finished. It was time to swallow my fear and get the quilting party started. Once I finally worked up the gumption to quilt it, I opted to use a tried and true quilting pattern I'm comfortable with - the square stippling - in ALL the white space. I just stitched in the ditch around the printed squares to make them pop a little more.

a favorite 
I have a tough time picking out my favorite printed squares.

another favorite 
Seriously, don't make me choose.

This quilt breaks ALL the husbatron's rules when it comes to quilts for our bed:
1) It has pink.
2) It has polka dots.
3) It has flowers.

finished bliss quilt from the side

But he hasn't said anything, so I'm not saying anything. Maybe the quilt's modern-ish layout with its huge swaths of white space compensates for the girly prints? Maybe he knows better than to criticize my projects?

Started: February 2011
Finished: August 2012
Machine-pieced, machine-quilted


  1. Awesomely cool, Megan!! I absolutely love it! And I've got a couple of those little mini packs that I may try this with - so cute!!

  2. I have a quilt waiting in the wings. TriangleMQG's first block swap is currently abouts 119x100". Sasquatch wants it to be warm so I bought a king poly batt that is currently relaxing. No clue on where to baste it, and I'm not looking forward to it either.

    1. If you have kids, ask if you can borrow the school gym during a quiet time. Or if you're churchy, borrow the church hall.

  3. Very sweet quilt - good for you in tackling the monster.

  4. That's a really nice quilt. Well done.

  5. The colours are so fresh. I really like the square stippling. I tried it this summer and thought "I can do this!"

  6. Beautiful finished quilt! You are brave in my book to 1)start with mini charms and 2)quilt it yourself. Way to go!!

  7. Perfect inspiration :) and what attention to detail! I admire and congratulate.