Saturday, December 1, 2012

November Jelly Roll Party!

lots of feathers
Today's finished quilt might look familiar. I made the top over the summer, and I finally got that puppy basted and quilted this month.

ruby shortcake - finished! 
I used Cluck Cluck Sew's Shortcake pattern - no triangles or fancy cutting/piecing here. Since it's all squares and right angles, along with being border-less, the quilt top came together in a snap. If you're looking for a quick-ish pattern, I'd definitely recommend this one.

9-patches forever 
For the quilting, I made my first foray into feathers. I spent some time this summer working through some of the sketching exercises in the book, Create Your Own Dream Feathers, by Peggy Holt. After a few more months of practice here and there, I was ready to go from pen/paper to needle/thread/fabric.

prettiest curves 
I was pleasantly surprised at how my first feathers came out - there are definitely a lot of wobbly arcs and curves, but I was able to find a groove pretty quickly.

feather quilting in progress 
Another pleasant surprise was how quickly the quilting went - I was able to cover lots of space in a matter of a few hours. Granted, my feathers are pretty fluffy and far apart, but I only spent about 5 or so hours total quilting this top. I'm definitely flagging this quilting pattern to use again, perhaps with this quilt top, trying out denser feathers.

backing and binding 
For the binding, I used some Kona Chartreuse, left over from backing my Joy quilt. And the backing is a white tone on tone polka dot print. At the end of the day,  I'm so happy I was able able to completely finish two jelly roll projects this month! It feels nice to knock a few WiPs out of my life.

favorite block 
Did anyone else work on a jelly roll quilt this month? If so, link up below!


  1. I did a jelly roll a couple months ago but never posted it. Camera difficulties. You were doing those center filled feathers on retreat, right?

  2. That looks wonderful. I have that pattern but haven's tried it yet. Your did a fantastic job and the colors look wonderful!

  3. Lovely, lovely finish. Thank you for sharing your FMQ with us. I'm beginning to feel like I can do more than straight line/walking foot quilting.
    PS: I have nominated you for the Liebster Award : )

  4. I love this and will have to check out that pattern! Your quilting is fabulous too.

  5. I have used her patterns before and loved them, so I may need to check this one out. Your quilt is beautiful and I am so impressed with the quilting!