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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Completely Finished Cindy Lou Who Schnibbles

Finally, some pictures of a finished project. This particular Schnibbles is near and dear to my heart - I won a couple of Happy Campers jelly rolls from Carrie with this flimsy waaay back in October. I'm telling y'all, it pays to actually finish your Schnibbles quilts (tops) - there are lots of prizes up for grabs each month!

At first, I wasn't exactly wild about this particular top. The prints were so large, they got lost once I cut them into the small squares for the small 9-patches. But when I pulled it out to quilt last month, I was surprised at how more I liked it. Maybe I was just in the mood to see some spring-like colors after the "frigid" weather North Carolinians experienced this winter. Now that it's quilted and bound, I'm absolutely in love!

Vital stats:
Started: October 2009
Finished: April 2010
Collection: Nostalgia by April Cornell
Machine-pieced, machine-quilted

On a happy note, be sure to check out Honey Run Quilter's giveaway - a charm pack AND a jelly roll of Tweet Tweet by Keiki! Run over there, before the giveaway closes on Thursday!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Schnibbles - DONE!

I'm a little shocked myself to say (type) it, but I completely finished my February Schnibbles pattern, soup to nuts, cutting to binding, etc. I even had time to throw it in the wash this morning to "quiltify" it and make it all puffy. Mark this month on your calendars folks because such an event may never happen again.

Now, about the pattern, fabric, etc... As I've said before, Mom gave me lots of her unwanted fabric a few weeks back. Included in this haul were a few pre-cuts, these charm packs being part of said haul. I remember when this line came out in stores. I usually like April Cornell, but I was less impressed. When I was going through the stuff Mom gave me, I thought to myself, "ulgh, I can't believe Mom bought this." It was just a little too cutesy, with all the tone on tone puppies and kitties in every color in the collection. All the pink, green, and purple reminded me of purple-haired old ladies' parlors, where they sit with their cats in their laps and natter on about the unruliness of the neighborhood kids. But I was determined to start using the fabric that Mom gave me, so despite my initial aversion to the collection, I pulled out the charm packs, some white yardage and started trimming all my little squares and rectangles.

It wasn't until I actually quilted the top yesterday that the fabric started to grow on me. (I'm still not a fan of the tone on tone puppy and kitty prints, but I made sure to slice those prints up as small as possible for the pieced border.)

We went to the mall yesterday to exchange some wedding gifts, and after a quick stroll through the Pottery Barn and PB Kids, I realized that the colors from A Little Romance are quite the rage among the kiddos' home dec right now. I suppose it all goes to show you that there are some fabrics out there that look a lot better sliced and diced in a quilt than they do on the bolt. I don't quite have the vision and talent it takes to see the potential in these less pretty fabrics, but maybe it will come one day.

For the quilting, I stippled in all the white space, a la Heather Mulder Peterson, then, I just did curvy outlines on the inside of the bowtie blocks.

Vital stats...
Started: February 2010
Finished: February 2010
Machine-pieced, machine-quilted
Fabric Collection: A Little Romance by April Cornell

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Parade of Tablerunners, Day 2

Today's tablerunner is brought to you by two of my favorite peeps in the quilting world: April Cornell and Heather Mulder Peterson. I made the top for this tablerunner about a year ago out of a charm pack that I wasn't really all that into, using a pattern that didn't really excite me all that much when I started it.

After a few months, I realized that admittedly, yes, it's true. None of the fabric really matches anything else I've done before, but that's alright. And it's true that none of my points in the pattern matched up, despite the fact that I actually followed the directions closely (a novel thing for me).

But once I pulled it out of the rubbermaid bin to quilt it last week, it hit me that I LOVE this tablerunner. As I was binding it the other night, I just kept smiling because the thought of it hanging in my cubicle at work is pretty exciting (If you could see my drab cubicle, you'd understand.) I dunno why it took me so long to come around to it. Maybe sometimes these things just need to percolate for a bit.

Vital stats...
Collection: Maypole from April Cornell
Pattern: Everyday TableTopper from Charmed and Dangerous by Heather Mulder Peterson
Started: February 2009
Finished: February 2010
Machine-pieced, machine-quilted

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Freestylin' Tuffets

Schnibbles Tuffets II
Originally uploaded by meganalayne
CONFESSION: One of my main problems in life = not following directions. As a quilter, that can lead to some, um, creative outcomes. I got really excited about making the Tuffets pincushions yesterday, then I looked at the directions AFTER I had already cut my fabric. Oops. So they don't look exactly like the ones on the pattern cover, but they're still pretty adorable, right?

I used a Nature's Notebook charm pack, from April Cornell. When I first saw this new collection on the Jolly Jabber a few months ago, I was oh so excited. I credit April Cornell's Sunshine collection for igniting my love affair with all things MODA a few years back, and this new collection coordinates perfectly with all that Sunshine yardage I haven't cut into yet. Seriously, now that I've started, I want a whole blue and yellow room using this stuff.

November Schnibbles update: See above about not following directions. I decided to make this Schnibbles into somewhat of a monstrous-sized Schnibbles quilt. Instead of making it a 4x4 quilt, I decided to make it 8x8. That makes for a crapola load of half-square triangles. I finished sewing them this weekend, now I just have to unpack my iron, ironing board, and find the "safe place" where I stashed the project for the ride home. I'll catch up eventually.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nature's Chorus Table Topper

Back in February, I went to see my parents one weekend. And even in the thick of planning a wedding, I discovered that I cannot be without a project for a whole weekend, especially when Mom has a whole sewing room full of projects (potential, started, almost finished, etc.). I think I have project envy. That Saturday, after we had our obligatory wedding planning update and visited with a few wedding vendors, I "made" Mom take me to the quilt shop to pick up something I could work on while I was home. I walked away with a charm pack of Nature's Chorus from April Cornell and some complimentary yardage. A quick perusal of a few of Mom's magazines revealed a pattern for placemats that was easily expanded into a tabletopper.

After piecing the top, I discovered that it was a lot greener than I anticipated, but I persevered on, more concerned with having a finished project than getting the colors just right.

I won't lie. It's definitely not my favorite small project I've made thus far, but it served its purpose well. It gave me something constructive to work on while I was at home that weekend, and I got to play with a new collection. Well, it was new at the time.

Started: February 2009
Finished: November 2009
Machine-pieced, Machine-quilted

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MORE Schnibbles Productivity

When I returned from the honeymoon, not only did I manage to finish off the September Schnibbles project, but I also got crackin' on the October Schnibbles project, Cindy Lou Who. I used a couple of Nostalgia charm packs, by April Cornell.

Since I had a set number of prints in each color, when I cut them into the small squares for the 9-patches, it kind of distorted the coloring on some of the bigger prints and made the top look pretty busy. But I'm okay with that. It enhances the scrappiness of the top, I suppose.

I know it's not a great photo, but I'll post it again once it's quilted and bound. No promises on when that will happen ;)

I'm on a piecing roll, so I'm eager to see what Schnibbles project is on tap for next month! I've got my fabric all ready for it...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Crafty Developments

My last post went on about life developments, but don't worry, I've had recent crafty developments too. Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

1) It got lost in the flurry of wedding excitement a couple of weeks ago. Right before I left to go to TN and wrap up the last-minute wedding details, I discovered that I won my first giveaway EVER. I was too excited! Nicole from Sister's Choice Quilts was lucky enough to score a couple of Rouenneries pre-cuts from the French General herself and was kind enough to host a giveaway. She's a much more generous soul than I am. I admit, I probably would have hoarded them away for myself. I won the honey bun, and ever since I got back on Sunday, I've been pondering what to do with it. Of course, Moda Bake Shop has been extremely helpful in this endeavor - they have 20+ projects for honey buns, and I just can't decide which one I like the best. So far, the top contenders are: The Turning Corners Table Runner from John - who's a local, The Triple Flower Irish Quilt, or the Baby Blanket. I know what you're thinking... Do I really need to start yet anothe project?

2) When I returned from the wedding/honeymoon, I was delighted to see that Hancock's of Paducah had re-stocked their pre-cut sale pages. Check it out for some great deals! Charm packs for $3.98 each? Yes, please. I might or might not have splurged on a layer cake for a future Schnibbles project.

3) My September Schnibbles project is FINALLY coming together. I've decided that my quilting goes a lot like my reading - about three-quarters of the way through the book/quilt, I really hit my stride, pick up momentum, and press on to the finish. The blocks are sewn into rows. Now, I just need to sew the rows together to make the middle, add my borders, and I'll finally be done with the top. The goal: Finish the top by this weekend, so I can start on October's Schnibbles project. Which brings me to next month's project...

4) I was pretty excited to see that October's Schnibble's project involves not just 9-patches, but 9-patches AND snowballs, two of my favorite blocks. At this point, the project is just a twinkle in my eye, but I've chosen the fabric line. I'm planning to make a quick run to my favorite local quilt shop after work today to pick up the rest of the fabric I'll need to complete the project.

5) In other Schnibbles news (are you sick of hearing me talk about this Schnibbles stuff yet?), I created a flickr pool for anyone who cares to add pictures of their completed Schnibbles projects AND their Schnibbles works in progress. The group is also open to anyone who's not officially participating in the projects but just loves to make Schnibbles quilts. Appropriately, the group's name is A Year of Schnibbles.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mini-Quilt Parade, Day 4

This is another one of my favorite quilts I've made. I always think I don't like orange in my quilts, but every fall, I end up buying a collection with orange in it. With the exception of the red sashing around the blocks, all this fabric came from April Cornell's Sonnet collection a few years ago.

The pattern was one of Block Central's BOMs - Nine-Patch Nirvana - back in 2006. This has been my first and only BOM quilt I've done thus far. It was fun to have a variety of blocks to work on, but I kind of missed seeing the patterns emerge from one or two repeating blocks. On the other hand, I got a chance to make lots of neat blocks that I would love to make again as their own quilts.

Started: June 2008
Finished: October 2008 (about 2 weeks before I had to turn it in for the DOQ quilt show)
Machine-pieced, Machine-quilted